A Strong Network
The market for legal services is changing. Traditional business models are called into question, the competitive environment is heightened, and new skill sets are required. Law firms must keep up with the times, not least to meet the increasing expectations of the clientele. Sharing professional know-how and personal experiences with national and international colleagues can facilitate this effort. At DIRO, we have been practicing this core networking philosophy for many years, because mutual trust is the ultimate foundation for successful further development.
Achieve more together
We also take advantage of the enormous potential of our law firm network in terms of purchasing products and services. Central framework agreements with selected value partners executed through DIRO yield significant purchasing benefits. As a result, each individual DIRO law firm has exclusive access to offers at wholesale conditions. The partners are handpicked and tailored to the operational activities of the law firms. We are keenly focused on adding real value to the law firm as an enterprise.