We are where medium-sized enterprises are. Always by your side. With 146 law firms throughout Germany and 39 locations all over Europe. Companies require lawyers who are more than just qualified. They must also grasp your business and speak the same language. Because legal advice is a matter of trust. As a medium-sized network, we can offer you reliable solutions as equals, where you will be personally advised “entrepreneur to entrepreneur” right from the start. Throughout Europe in 27 countries and always in German as well.
As a leading German-speaking network of law firms in Europe with more than 1,400 specialized lawyers, DIRO focuses on advising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We work closely with selected associates who represent the interests of medium-sized businesses at the European level. Together, we work on behalf of the middle class.
As one of the largest independent business associations, Deutscher Mittelstands-Bund (DMB) e.V. represents the interests of about 14,000 small and medium-sized businesses in Germany. With our partner DMB, we have developed a number of projects. One such example is the Center of Excellence “Internationalization in SMEs,” for which DIRO law firms examine the relevant legal issues.
IBWF Institut für Betriebsberatung, Wirtschaftsförderung und -forschung e.V. is the largest interdisciplinary and most extensive consultant network for medium-sized businesses in Germany. Under the BVMW Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V. umbrella, IBWF counts approximately 900 management consultants, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, and auditors as its members.
As the leading association of the German economy, DER MITTELSTANDSVERBUND – ZGV e.V. represents the interests of approx. 230,000 medium-sized companies in Berlin and Brussels, which are organized in about 310 association groups. As a leading German-speaking network of law firms in Europe, DIRO is a member of MITTELSTANDSVERBUND and the only association group in this sector. With 2.5 million full-time employees, the cooperating SMEs generate sales of more than €490 billion (around 18% of GDP in 2015) and provide more than 440,000 apprenticeship opportunities.