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Criminal and Law on fines

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Criminal and Law on fines

Criminal and Law on fines

Criminal and Law on fines issues are not only found in private life. Companies, in particular, are faced with important challenges when investigators from the public prosecutor's office or fine authorities conduct proceedings against employees or even against the company itself.

Professional defense, also at an early stage and in advance, has long ceased to be the exclusive domain of the lone lawyer. It is the task of well-trained "team players" who protect the interests of the company as well as those of the individual client and develop customized legal solutions.

Close cooperation at national and international level

Europe is also moving ever closer together in this respect. Proceedings are increasingly being conducted on a cross-border basis, with the laws and legal systems of other countries having to be observed just as much as those of one's own country.

Close cooperation on a national and international level as well as continuous training at the highest level are central characteristics that particularly distinguish the work of our Criminal and Law on fines Practice Group .