Many law firms. A strong network.

Beneficiting partners

Beneficiting partners
A strong network

The legal market is on the move

Traditional business models are being challenged, competitive pressure is increasing and new requirements are emerging. In order to meet the increased expectations of clients, every law firm has to keep up with the times. The intensive exchange of professional know-how and personal experiences with colleagues from Germany and abroad can support you in this. At DIRO , the central network idea has been lived for years, because mutual trust is the best basis for successful further development.

Achieving more together

We also use the network’s great potential for our law firms consistently with regard to the procurement of products and services. The conclusion of framework agreements with selected partners centrally via DIRO leads to significant purchasing advantages. This means that every DIRO law firm has exclusive access to offers at wholesale prices. The selection of partners is targeted and is always tailored to the requirements of the operational law firm. The focus is always on the concrete added value for the firm as a company.

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