Many law firms. A strong network.

Digital platform "Multisite"

Digital DIRO platform "Multisite"
Many websites - Your strong appearance

DIRO Multisite: Many pages - your strong appearance

We are more than the sum of our parts. Within each of our law firms is experience, personality, entrepreneurship and extensive legal expertise. Often, our DIRO law firms are well-known and respected in their regional locations. By connecting to a strong network, we want to jointly harness these network effects. Our idea: Our digital platform "Multisite" bundles the functions that make up your strong law firm presence.

How do we do that? We support you with your individual and modern law firm appearance with the following functions, among others:

  • Your modern and individual law firm website
  • Extensive building blocks and services on the platform
  • Personal service and support from DIRO
  • Outlook: Process and document automation tools

1) Your law firm website

On the "Multisite" platform, we offer you a custom-fit construction kit for the design and maintenance of your law firm website. Numerous modules and the connection to an extensive DIRO database allow you to create a modern and individual website. Our website construction kit was developed in close cooperation with our law firms and thus precisely for law firms.

2) Our building blocks of the "DIRO Multisite" digital platform

DIRO Multisite bundles many other functions and tasks of your law firm management. We develop joint products & campaigns, share knowledge for mutual benefit, use modern services in the interest of our clients and use joint potentials on the labor market.

Here you will find an overview of the functions and goals of DIRO Multisite:

Overview of our multisite modules

Products & Campaigns

Together, we are experts on current developments in the market. DIRO identifies these together with our law firms, bundles current legal issues, prepares them in the form of marketable campaigns and makes them available to the participating law firms in a short time. In this way, we create visibility and help generate inquiries in your law firms.


We make current and relevant content from our member law firms in the network available to your website visitors from various legal fields. In doing so, we primarily have the legal searchers in mind - the content is sifted, prepared and SEO-optimized by us and is thus also easily shareable in social networks.


Chatbots, smart calculators on various topics, intelligent forms, appointment scheduling - our web services are designed for the specific needs of law firms and local legal seekers. We support you with a legally compliant cookie concept and ensure security through server locations in Germany and regular updates and maintenance.

Job portal

Already, many of our members face the challenge of finding and retaining qualified personnel. Here, too, the platform offers extensive opportunities for collaboration, from templates for job advertisements that are also read, to current staffing needs reports from member law firms, international exchange programs, joint continuing education programs, and much more.

3) DIRO services, support and costs

Our Hamburg team supports each law firm individually and personally from the first step. We see ourselves as strategic companions, operational implementers, creative minds and innovators of the platform. In doing so, we also keep the interests of the network in mind. First-level support, second-level support - personal support. This is how we differ significantly from usual service provider structures, which are often limited due to time and budget constraints.

And what does this cost? DIRO Multisite benefits from significant cost scaling, which we are happy to pass on to our network members. In short: we offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. We will be happy to inform you personally about your personal offer as a member firm of DIRO.

4) Outlook: Process and document automation

From within the network, we develop a comprehensive tool for process and document automation for legal areas and processes that can be standardized. Our objective: to significantly increase the efficiency of law firms, competitiveness and holistic client orientation. This legal-tech tool will be fully integrated into DIRO Multisite. You can also find more information here .

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