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Enforce recourse claims. Throughout Europe

Europe-wide recourse enforcement - competent instead of complicated

Many officials at social security institutions are aware of the problem: In order to assert liability claims abroad in Europe, the involvement of debt collection service providers may cause some difficulties.

These are usually language barriers, insufficient communication on the ground and lack of cost transparency. If the claims are enforced by the courts, a lawyer must also be consulted, which further increases the coordination effort in the communication between the parties.

Against this backdrop, we would like to present you with a superior organizational and professional solution for the enforcement of redress claims. Find out more about our solution for Europe-wide redress enforcement.

Everything you need – in German, from a single source, without hidden costs

As a German-speaking law firm network with almost 200 locations in 29 European countries, we correspond with our clients in German and with the other side in 44 other languages if necessary. We are familiar with the specific legal conditions abroad, and due to close cooperation with insurers, litigation issues are often part of the day-to-day business of our lawyers.

Highest communication quality right from the start

Our clients benefit from our high reporting standards, a direct connection to the lawyer in charge of handling the case and their ability to explain complex country-specific issues clearly and comprehensively. If you wish, the entire claims processing remains in his hands – from the first cover letter to the payment.

Our services – comprehensive and transparent

Needs-based case management

Transparent pricing model

Correspondence in German and 44 other languages

The main contact person is the supervising attorney

Contractual arrangements between all parties

Digitized and certified processes

Data protection-friendly processing

Uniform quality standards in the network

Specialized and experienced law firms in 29 European countries

Our compensation model – two phases, double control

We offer you a needs-based case management including a preliminary assessment of the prospects for success as well as a transparent compensation model.

Phase 1: Identification of the facts and assessment of the prospects for success

This phase can be covered by us on the basis of a flat rate payment. The lump sum includes the examination of the information and documents relevant to the mandate by a lawyer in the country of the application to be filed as well as a written statement in German. This document gives a general recommendation on the prospects of success of the claim for redress.

Processing phase

Flat-rate remuneration

Investigation of the facts and written statement in German

Recommendation on the prospects for success of the recourse procedure

Phase 2: Commission to enforce the right of recourse

This phase can be assumed by us on the basis of a mixed model, which includes a lump sum independent of performance as well as an additional part of compensation in the event of success.

The lump sum irrespective of performance takes into account the various expenses associated with an out-of-court or judicial assertion. The amount of the success fee is based on the amounts obtained in the course of the claim – for this purpose a binding percentage is determined together with the social security institution at the beginning of the cooperation.

Out-of-call claims

Reduced lump sum based on effort

Income-based success rate

Legal redress

Increased lump sum based on effort

Eearning-based success charge

The above model refers to the services of the supervising attorney in the respective country of the client and is understood to be plus any expenses such as bailiff costs, court costs or translation costs.

DIRO – Competence and experience

Cross-border competence

Through our international partner law firms, we ensure efficient processing of complex cross-border claims from a single source. Due to the continuous demand for correspondence in German, the international law firms of DIRO are generally active in the international legal exchange market.

Experience in insurance

DIRO AG has maintained intensive cooperation with insurance companies for many years. DIRO AG acts as a central administration in this regard, ensuring the uniformity of the contact person for the client in structural matters. In the rare event of difficulties, this also provides a permanent clearing house.

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